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Text Box: Wapiti Camporee Was Great

Text Box: Patrol teamwork
Map & compass skills
Good menu planning
Knot tying
Good assigning of patrol duties
Fire building & lighting
Patrol communication
Minimum impact camping
Demonstrated patrol yells & flag
Basic Scout First Aid
10 Scouting Essentials
Campsite planning & setup
Knife & axe skills

Text Box: Points will also be gained for demonstrating scout and patrol spirit, teamwork, proper scout uniforms, having a patrol flag or totem at the events, and active participation throughout the day.
In addition to the primary activity stations, there will be several “bonus point” activities available to patrols.  These include:
Visiting any “information stations” set up at Camporee headquarters
Campfire participation
Participation in Saturday evening’s Highland Games
Service project
Campsite Inspections: See judging form in this booklet for criteria.  Troops can choose to be judged as a backpack troop or as a drive-in camping troop.  All patrols in the troop must be judged under the one criteria declared by the troop.  Please plan on having an adult in camp to help identify patrol areas (staff will try to pre-assign times needed. Inspections will occur during Saturday’s activities period).
Judging and Recognitions: Points will be awarded for action events, campsite inspections, and bonus participation activities.  Awards will be presented at Sunday morning’s final Camporee Assembly.  For units leaving on Saturday evening, awards will be available at the next Roundtable. 
Highland Games: On Saturday evening, after dinner and before campfire, a few troop challenge games will again be conducted around the Highland Games theme.  These are for Scouts only.  Caber Toss and 6-man Tug-A-War are possible activities. Troops are encouraged to select the most capable contestants for these events. 
Service Projects: We are required by the State of Oregon to perform a service project to gain a waiver of fees for a second night of camping. All patrols are required to participate in a service project.  Details of the time and focus of these service projects will be given at the Friday night leaders’ meeting.  
Webelos :  Webelos are permitted to join us at the Camporee if they have been invited by a particular troop.  They would camp next to their host troop, accompanied by at least one Webelos parent for each 4 Webelos.  Please keep in mind that the Camporee is geared mainly toward Boy Scouts.  There are no specific activities aimed specifically toward the Webelos Scouts, but they should be able to handle some of the activities that the Boy Scouts participate in.  The main purpose for Webelos attending is to gain the troop camping experience, thus accomplishing one of their requirements for Arrow of Light.
Visitors:  All visitors should check in at the Camporee headquarters prior to visiting the Camporee grounds.  Parents, siblings, and supervised Cub scouts are invited to watch the events and the campfire on Saturday.  Visitors should show up no later than 8:00 p.m. for the campfire. They will need to check in at headquarters to get details on steps they need to follow in order to leave after the campfire on Saturday.

Security: This year we will be in charge of Security at the front gates. The gates will be locked from 8:00 pm to 7:00 am and we will have a Security detail for a yet to be determined  amount of time at the front gate on both Friday and Saturday night.
Camporee Staff: The Camporee staff will consist of Scoutmaster-approved Wapiti Chapter Order of the Arrow Scouts.  Call Marlow Hornberger, Camporee Chairman, 503-691-2874, if you have Order of the Arrow members who would like to serve on staff.  All Camporee Staff member selection will take place in advance of the Camporee.  
Order of the Arrow Call-Out: The Order of the Arrow will conduct a Call-Out Ceremony during the campfire on Saturday night.  Candidates who are called out will be leaving the campfire area for a brief ceremony, and will be returning later directly to the troop campsite. The Order of the Arrow also plans to include a Brotherhood Ceremony for eligible Arrowmen.  After the Brotherhood Ceremony, the OA will host a cracker barrel for chapter members at Camporee Headquarters.
Camp Departure: Camporee check-out procedures will be provided at Friday’s SPL/Unit Leader Meeting. Some units will be leaving on Saturday evening or at some other time before the official close of the Camporee.  Be sure that you inform Marlow Hornberger, Camporee Chairman, before you depart. All units are expected to follow the same guidelines of leaving their site clean, taking out their trash, and checking out with the proper Camporee Staff before departure. The Camporee officially ends at the Final Camporee Assembly on Sunday.  All Units must be out of the Camporee site by 12:30 p.m.

Questions? Rico Micallef, Camporee Chairman 
 (503-810-7882, or e-mail to